About Wenmenglou

Wenmenglou was founded in 1925, this place was the main development track of Taipei since the period of Japanese occupation to 2001 when the official abolition of the public prostitution system ends. Wenmenloe was the base of the anti-prostitution social movement, it became a designated historic site of Taipei City in 2006, It is also the only former public prostitution house designated for preservation in Taiwan.

In September 2021, the meticulously restored Wenmenglou retains the historical track through the re-engraving of the foyer and other scenes to displays the history of the development of sex industries in Taiwan during the Japanese occupation period and records of social movements in modern Taiwan. In the form of an educational sex industry memorial hall, it is expected to lead the next generation to have a correct concept of gender equality and inspire understanding, tolerance, respect and appreciation of diverse attitudes towards life.


Opening hours


每周三至日 10:00~17:30

Wednesday to Sunday 10:00am ~ 5:30pm

毎週水曜日~日曜日 10:00~17:30


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每周三至日 10:00~17:30(採預約入館制)

休館:週一、週二 固定休館


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