Visiting Instructions


Opening hours:

Wednesday to Sunday 10:00am ~ 5:30pm (Controled by Pre-order entry)

First batch 10am~12pm

Second batch 1pm~3pm

Third batch 3:30pm ~ 5:30pm



Regular ticket $300

Concession ticket $200 [ Student ticket (under highschool), Senior ticket (over 65 years old), Disabled ticket (Disabled and low-income households)]

(一) Ticket available on the day of issue only.

(二) No refund or exchange will be provided if the ticket is stained, torn, etc. that makes it indistinguishable after it is sold.

  • The entire building of Wenmenglou is a designated historic site in Taipei City. In order to maintain cultural assets, the quality of the exhibition and the personal safety of the visitors, please refer to the following instructions before viewing the exhibition. Thank you for your cooperation.

(一) Open flames are not allowed in the museum, and all prohibited and dangerous items are prohibited to enter.

(二) It is completely prohibited to bring outside food, chewing gum, and betel nut in Wenmenglou.

(三) Wenmenglou is completely non-smoking.

(四) To maintain a clean environment, please do not litter.

(五) It is strictly forbidden to damage the facilities, exhibits and other objects in the building, and the building will seek compensation according to law.

(六) Please do not touch the exhibits. Wenmenglou will seek compensation according to law if the exhibits are damaged.

(七) Due to the small space in the building, please do not run, play or do any behavior that endangers public safety in Wenmenglou. Wenmenglou is not responsible for any compensation if you cause any harm to yourself as a result of your actions.

(八) In order to maintain the quality of the exhibition, the building will implement crowd control if the number of visitors reaches the upper limit.

(九) Pets are not allowed to enter the building, except for necessary companion animals such as guide dogs.

(十) Visitor who are not dressed properly will not be allowed to enter the building.


Instructions for booking a visit:

(一) Online reservations are only open for reservations within 30 days, a fee of $300 will be paid as a deposit at the time of reservation. If you meet the qualifications for preferential ticket, please prepare relevant documents for inspection, and you will be refund $100 at the time of admission.
If no documents are provided or those who do not meet the qualifications for preferential tickets after inspection, it will be regarded as full-ticket admission.
Except for group reservations, reservations via telephone, E-mail, Facebook, Instagram (social media) and messages will not be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.

(二) If you need to change or cancel the reservation, please cancel through the online reservation system or call us before 7 working days. Deposits will not be refunded for cancellations within one week.

(三) The ticket stub of this venue is the receipt certificate, no separate invoice will be issued.

Photography Standard:

(一) The building is fully open for photographing, but the use of flashes, tripods, selfie sticks and other equipment that may affect other visitors is prohibit, and any unauthorized commercial photography and video recording is prohibit.

(二) Please pay attention to the safety of your surroundings When taking pictures and do not affect the rights of others to view the exhibition.

(三) Video recording and live streaming are prohibit in this building.

(四) For non-commercial or special photography use, such as: wedding photography, cosplay photography, modeling, photo shoot and other photograph activities, please apply for the application 14 days before the shooting day.

Group Tour Needs :

If there is a need for a group tour of more than ten people, please make an online reservation through (@kvq8734v) 10 days in advance in order to facilitate the staff arrangement of the museum.

(In order to maintain the quality of the visit, one group can only accept registrations of up to 30 people. Please understand that the museum will be visiting in groups.)


For other matters not covered in this notice, please refer to the statement and supplementary announcements in the on-site announcement of the museum. Please cooperate with us.


Opening hours


每周三至日 10:00~17:30

Wednesday to Sunday 10:00am ~ 5:30pm

毎週水曜日~日曜日 10:00~17:30


(Controled by Pre-order entry)


每周三至日 10:00~17:30(採預約入館制)

休館:週一、週二 固定休館


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