Permanent exhibition

▼ Foyer display area

Wenmenglou was founded in 1925, this place was the main development track of Taipei since the period of Japanese occupation to 2001 when the official abolition of the public prostitution system ends. In September 2021, the meticulously restored Wenmenglou retains the historical track through the re-engraving of the foyer and other scenes to displays the history of the development of sex industries in Taiwan during the Japanese occupation period and records of social movements in modern Taiwan.

▼Working room (original re-engraving)

The working rooms are small, ranging from 78 to 106 square feet each. The rooms are simply furnished and only provide items used by both parties in the sex transaction, such as toilet paper, personal cleaners, and lubricants; as well as lighters, ashtrays, Slippers, blankets, electric fans, electric heaters, etc.

▼ Working Room Exhibition Area <The Dilemma of Taiwan's Public Prostitutes Management System>

Taiwan's sex industry booms with river port commerce, from prostitution base to municipal monument, with the transformation and Reincarnation of Wenmeng Building, the repeated implementation of public prostitution management measures highlights a controversial but necessary presence.

▼ Working Room Exhibition Area <The Evolution of Sex Education in Taiwan>

Because of its emphasis on gender norms, the "physiological hygiene" education during the Japanese occupation period was self-taught but difficult to teach. The mysterious "Fourteen Chapters of Health Education" gave birth to gender equality education due to the feminist reform, and Taiwan was led by the death of Rose Boy towards the No. 1 gender equality education in Asia.

▼ Working Room Exhibition Area <Slot D in the Historic Site>

"Sex" has been prosperous for thousands of years. Where there is civilization, there are sex publications. The irresistible amorous feelings are better than the ten thousand regulation and dogma. The porn industry, which keeps pace with the times, becomes more covert and naked.

▼ Milestones of Wenmenglou

Since the Qing Dynasty in 1820, it has gone through the Japanese colonial period, the Restoration period, and then to modern times.

▼ Architectural Features and Renovation of Wenmenglou, Guisui Street

The exterior of the building has simple lines and no other decorations. The structure conforms to building regulations and commercial patterns, reflecting the background of that time. Because of its exterior features, it can be summed up as a product after the wave of modernism.

"Wenmeng Building on Guisui Street" was built around the time of Japanese occupation in Taiwan and was originally owned by "Yongle Land Building Co., Ltd.". In 1995, it was announced as a historic monument in Taipei City. The Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taipei City Government approved the restoration plan on May 20, 2020. The re-engraving was completed at the end of February in the 111th year of the Republic of China (2022).

▼ The move-out and move-in of the former owner, Mr. Lin Yigui

The former owner, Mr. Lin Yigui, who was born in the 12th year of the Republic of China, came to Taiwan alone with the Nationalist government in the 19th year of the Republic of China. By chance, he took over the property rights of Wenmeng Building, which was originally run by his cousin, and continued to be in the office after the government abolished the prostitution and settles to this day.

▼Public prostitute literature

Collect relevant industrial historical materials through private collectors and cooperation with public entities. Through the continuous collection of documents, the Wenmeng Building is used as a platform to be publicly displayed to the public, so that the public can learn about Taiwan's past sex industry culture.

▼ The night of Wenmenglou

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